What if you could perform all of your critical lab tests from the comfort of your own home, instead of travelling many miles to a centralized hospital or lab testing facility?

ElectroCyt is developing LifeCounts, the world’s first handheld platform for versatile cell counting. The technology is label-free and utilizes purely electrical detection methodologies, the fundamental factors which enable an ultra-portable hand held device.

  • First┬ádegree sensing capabilities
  • No labels required
  • Cheap manufacturing methods
  • Light weight and portable (hand held)
  • Only requires finger prick of blood
  • Rapid results
  • Highly accurate and reliable

Complete Blood Counts

CBCs can be performed with a specific LifeCounts disposable one-time use cartridge which includes a 3 part WBC differential, platelet counts, RBC counts, hemoglobin, and hematocrit counts. 10 microlieters of whole blood extracted from a patient via finger prick can be introduced to the cartridge, and accurate (>90% accuracy compared to gold standard hematology analyzers) results are uploaded to the Cloud within 10 minutes of sample introduction.

Specific Cell Counts

ElectroCyt is also in the process of developing disposable cartridges that represent the label free electronic equivalent of a flow cytometer with a hand held device. Using ElectroCyt’s pattented cell capture and differential count technologies, ElectroCyt can accurately count any WBC with specific cell surface receptors, replacing the expensive flow cytometer tests available in hospitals today.